The purchase process will be quick and simple. We guarantee it. Here are a few items you will need to bring for us to process the purchase:

Valid driver's license
A driver's license valid in the state you are registering the vehicle in. The only exception is active military who can register in any state.

Current registration card
This applies if you are trading your car, have a lien against your car or intend to transfer your license plate to your new one.

Title of the car you are trading
This applies if you are trading a vehicle with no lien. Please keep in mind that some states have two part titles (Maryland for example). We will need both parts.

All people necessary to sign for the new title and trade title

Anyone who is listed on the trade title, all parties that will co-sign bank contracts and everyone who will be named on the new title.

A valid insurance card with expiration date and policy number
This card must have the name of the person buying the car and whose name will be listed on the title.

It is always a good idea to bring your checkbook
This applies to anyone making a down payment on a vehicle. Anyone from out of state must bring a certified check. We DO NOT accept personal checks outside of the state of Pennsylvania. You may also decide to purchase installed accessories or an extended warranty that we offer.