Save Time Shopping For A Vehicle

Buying a vehicle- new or used- is an exciting experience, but even we at David Corry understand that our shoppers want the process to be as quick and easy as possible! We're here to help save you up to 3.5 hours with a selection of tools that allow you to "structure your deal" from the comfort of your couch or favorite coffee shop! With these tools you can see how much a trade in vehicle will be worth, play around with payments for buying or leasing, and pre-qualify or apply for credit!

You don't have to use all of the tools, and trying them out doesn't mean you have to commit to buying a vehicle. But we've certainly found that they are handy!


If you already own a vehicle, you're in a good position when it comes to shopping for a new car, truck, or SUV because your current mode of transportation may be valuable. That could mean more money towards a down payment and lower monthly costs! With the Value A Trade tool in four steps you'll get an instant range of what your car is worth. This information is extremely to useful to have on its own or if you want to play around with monthly payments!

It happened. You found "the" car. It has all the features you want, is in the right color, and is at our dealership. But if you can't make the numbers work, sometimes you need to let your dream car go. With the Personalize Payment tool you can zero in on specific vehicles and see if you can get the right monthly payment (for buying or leasing) that fits within your budget. And while we don't like to push high-pressure sales tactics at our dealership, we like that this tool gives shoppers more confidence and control during the shopping process.

If you have low credit or other credit concerns, we still want to try and work with you here at David Corry to help get you into the car you want. In three, secure steps we'll gather your information and come up with some financing options.

If you are already comfortable with your credit score you can skip the previous step and go onto this second application. As soon as we've taken a look at your credit request, one of our finance managers will reach out to you to get the ball rolling.

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