Dodge Durango vs the Competitors

2018 Dodge Durango SUV for sale in Corry, PA

Dodge Durango vs. Competition in Pennsylvania

Explore How Dodge Durango Fares Against Its Rivals Here in Corry, PA

You're an avid northwestern Pennsylvania traveler, with designs on a getaway into nature to make your year. What's more, the whole gang's been looking forward to coming along for the ride, and that means a boatload of cargo, not to mention the need for plenty of amenities and room to make the ride comfortable - to each his or her own space, after all, especially for the long haul. You'll need full-size SUV capability and luxury in a tidy mid-size SUV package, capable of even broaching the accessibility and accommodations of the crossover segment.

Lucky for you, you'll find an option to pull ahead of the rest here at DAVID Corry Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in the new Dodge Durango and its base SXT, step-up SXT Plus, mid-level GT and Citadel, and hard-charging R/T and SRT trims. All a Corry-area driver could hope to discover in a new SUV, it's a model of towing prowess, offering a winning combination of high performance and family-friendly three-row utility, all with the striking physique and stylish accents to look the part. However, we know options among sport utility vehicles abound, and for that reason, we've made it easy to see a few of the ways our new Durango lineup stacks up to and stands out from other contenders here in Corry.

Dodge Durango vs. Ford Explorer

The new Durango heads out the gate against its Ford Explorer sibling sporting one more trim level from which to choose, six to five. That means more variety over the Explorer base, XLT, Limited, Sport, and Platinum gamut, to be sure. But in a few key areas, our new Dodge SUV pulls ahead.

2018 Ford Explorer SUV
  • Durango offers up to a sprawling 84.5 cubic feet of cargo room with its rear seating collapsed, giving wide latitude on storage. Explorer lags behind at a mere 81.7 cubic feet maximum.
  • The latest Dodge mid-size SUV likewise laps Explorer in horsepower and torque, offering a higher 293 and 260 respectively. The new SUV from Ford weighs in at but 290 and 255 respectively. That means Durango delivers on drive dynamics and a spirited ride.
  • When it comes to maximum towing capacity, Dodge sprints past Ford, at up to 6,200 pounds in base Durango models when compared to up to 5,000 pounds in Explorer. Even then, to achieve this number, Ford Explorer requires an engine upgrade and additional trailering packages.
  • For the duration, Durango can even boast better city and highway fuel economy than Explorer. Our Dodge offers up to 19 mpg city and 26 mpg highway to Ford at a respective 17 mpg and 24 mpg.
  • A new Durango is even more affordable, with an MSRP in the area of $29,995. At around $31,990, a new Explorer requires a bit more of an investment.

    Dodge Durango vs. Toyota Highlander

    Besides having a wider trim selection from which to choose, six Durango to five in Toyota Highlander (LE, LE Plus, XLE, SE, and Limited), and aside from the sizable shell-out to ascend to a new Highlander hybrid trim, Dodge Durango takes point similarly against its Toyota SUV rival.

    • Count on Dodge for more horses under the hood as well as a torquier ride. Its power ratings leave Highlander and its 185 horsepower and 184 pound-feet in the dust.
    • Towing remains no problem for the new Durango SUV either. Its max weight support excels that of the new Toyota Highlander, which offers but 1,500 pounds and only rises as high as up to 5,000 pounds by graduation to a higher Highlander trim.
    • As against other contenders, there's still more space to pack full of road swag in our new Dodge offering. The comparable new SUV from Toyota remains just shy of Dodge, at 83.7 cubic feet.
    • Durango takes an edge on highway travel, too, capable of up to 26 mpg versus Highlander at 24 mpg.
    • Opt for a new Durango, and you can even get perks like five years or 60,000 miles of included roadside assistance. Sure, a new Highlander offers the same services, even for unlimited miles, but at only two years, that help when you need it might run out before that of Durango does. Factor in that our seasoned Dodge traveler is more affordable, approximately $29,995 to $31,030 MSRP, and you'll see the outlay is well worth it.

    2018 Toyota Highlander SUV

    Dodge Durango vs. Chevy Traverse

    Choices of trim between Dodge Durango and the new Chevrolet Traverse are evenly matched. Dodge finds its grade complements in those from base Traverse L and LS through Traverse LT and RS at the mid-range and all the way to Traverse Premier and High Country. But like its competitive predecessors, the new Traverse is led to pull into pit row likewise on several counts.

    2018 Chevy Traverse SUV
    • The new Chevy SUV may be enormous, but it still falls behind Durango when it comes to besting the latter's 6,200-pound max towing support. Traverse only reaches the height of up to 5,000 pounds.
    • Where a Chevrolet Traverse may excel on the highway, Dodge Durango goes the extra mile on city fuel economy, up to 19 mpg to 18. That means more efficient angling through traffic congestion, making all the difference for that final leg of the trip before needing to head back to the pump
    • Durango is also a safer bet for you and yours, showcasing a five-star passenger crash test rating for peace of mind, driveway to highway and home again. Chevy Traverse receives only a four-star passenger rating.
    • Dodge has also made the more durable mid-size SUV, too, its testament to quality shown by 5 years or unlimited miles of corrosion coverage. Go with a new Traverse, and you receive only 3 years or 36,000 miles.

    Dodge Durango vs. Mazda CX-9

    The range of trims in Dodge Durango, from base SXT all the way to the high-powered new Durango SRT, might outnumber those of Mazda CX-9, offering Sport, Touring, Grand Touring, and Signature models, but a new crossover SUV enthusiast shall not live on the wider variety of Dodge alone. Durango goes steps further than the new CX-9 where it matters.

    • Durango horsepower, for instance, charges much harder than the engine of a model like the base CX-9 allows, 293 to 227. That means more get up and go when it's time to have gotten up and went.
    • The potential trailerful you can take along in a new Durango dwarfs that of Mazda CX-9, too. In fact, its max towing support is nearly twice as much as the new Mazda SUV, 6,200 pounds to 3,500.
    • As with lugging abilities, so with cargo capacity. A new CX-9 can take on up to 71.2 cubic feet of cargo, to be sure, but that's a much smaller space than offered by the new Durango, which provides up to 84.5.
    • Dodge Durango certainly has that eponymous stellar safety rating, but bringing to bear that it's driver crash-test-rated at four stars, with five stars for passenger testing and four stars for rollover resistance, a comparison to the new CX-9 from Mazda paints a different picture: the latter isn't NHTSA rated.
    • Factor in that Durango comes new at a more cost-effective approximate $29,995 MSRP to Mazda CX-9 at around $32,130, and it's plain to see where enduring value lies.

    2018 Mazda CX-9 SUV

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