Don't Put Off Changing Your Worn Tires; It Could Be Your Safety at Risk

When you lead a busy life making time for car maintenance appointments is one of the last things on your mind, so you drive a little further than we should before getting our oil changed, or tires rotated. But, there is one thing you shouldn't postpone any longer: getting new tires. While getting a new set of tires may seem costly, just consider the safety risks of driving on worn out wheels. One driving aspect, in particular, is your stopping distance when you use overworked tires.

Above you will find a video that compares three different stages of wear on tires and their stopping ability so that you can put the importance of new tires into perspective As you can see, driving a vehicle with worn tires can put yourself, your passengers, and other drivers at risk. However, the cost of wheels is not worth the chance of causing or being in an avoidable accident.

How Do You Know It's Time for New Tires?

Fortunately, tires last a considerable length of time compared to other services like oil changes, alignments, and more. Typically, the lifespan of tires ranges between 25,000 and 50,000 miles before they need to be replaced. To check how much driving you have left on your tires, bring your car David Corry Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram's service center and one of our expert technicians would be happy to take a look at the treads.

One way that drivers can prolong the life of their tires is by staying up to date with their recommended rotation schedule. What this does is ensure that your wheels are worn evenly, because the front and rear axles put different amounts of strain on them.

If it is time for you to get a new set of tires, our team would be pleased to get your car taken care of. Simply fill out our online request form for an appointment or give us a call.

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